Coloradough History

2011 - When it all began.
It all started with the name. Coloradough. We knew we had to have a dough that lived up to that name!

2012 - Desires and Experiments.
From waffle mix to brown sugar, we tried everything to make the perfect dough. It took months and months but we finally created a recipe worthy of our name sake.

2014 - January 1st - Opening Day
We opened our first store in Parker Colorado and started a pizza revolution! Home town pizza with the best ingredients from a local owners who loved their pizza almost as much as their community.

Present Day - Expansion!
Our deliciousness couldn't be contained in Parker, so we opened up a new store in Aurora off Smoky Hill and Chambers so that we could spread the marinara.

Order Now in Parker!
(303) 386-3333

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